What is "Follow the Bitch"
and how do I play it?


Follow the Bitch is a seven-card stud game also known as Follow the Queen and Follow Mary. It is played in many variations but most commonly it is played like this:

The first two rounds of cards are dealt face down. The next four are dealt face up and the final round is dealt face down. EVERY QUEEN IS WILD (whether dealt up or down), and any UP CARD that follows a queen is ALSO WILD. So if a player gets a queen and the player to his left gets a Jack, they are both wild. But also every Jack on the table, wether in the deck or an up card is also wild.

Where things get tricky is on the next deal. If another queen is dealt as an upcard and the card following it is, say, a seven, then seven becomes the new wild card, along with the queen. THE JACK IS NO LONGER WILD. This is the danger in the game - one minute you can be sitting pretty with four aces, a queen is dealt and presto, you've got nothing but a collection of worthless cards. Since there are four queens in the deck, this can happen several times during the course of the game.

Follow the Bitch can make for some interesting poker hands. We thought it also made the perfect title for our movie.


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