Thanks for taking the time to check out the "Follow the Bitch" web site!

This movie represents a huge, cooperative effort of a bunch of massively talented people, most of whom are graduates (escapees) of the California Institute of the Arts, along with many other gifted folk who graciously tolerated the CalArtians.

We listened to a lot of Grateful Dead music during the course of this whole experience (Jerry Garcia is da man), and consumed enough Diet Coke to fill the EXXON Valdez. We used Macintosh computers to write, mix sound, compose music, promote, fax, beg for money, and edit the trailer. Thanks to all private and corporate entities that helped make this movie a reality.

"Follow the Bitch" is best enjoyed in a large theatre with a hip crowd and lots of refreshments from the snack bar (gotta keep the theatre owners happy). Audience laughter is infectious, and this movie is all about laughs and poker and cigar smoke and the strange things men and women do to one another and to themselves.

We're very proud of this movie. At festivals around the country we've watched people pack the theatres and have a great time watching it. We've been jazzed time and time again to see bewildered festival officials ask themselves, "What's the deal with this movie?" as they scramble to offer additional screenings to handle the audience demand. Not a bad indication that your film is going over well, huh...

Yup, well it's time to spread the "Bitch" like a disease to every town in America. We've started in San Diego and will move to LA and New York next. Cross your fingers. Grip your lucky rabbit's foot. "Follow the Bitch" may arrive in your town very soon.

If you have any comments about the movie or this web site then please CONTACT US!

Thanks again, and "Bitch" on...

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